B. App Sci (HMS) - Ex Sci 

Ryan Dreves is the owner and founder of Physically Active. He is their most experienced exercise physiologist and has a vast experience in assisting patients with pain management, rehabilitation, injury prevention, and chronic disease management plans.

Ryan specialised his studies in clinical pilates, cardiac investigation, cardiac rehabilitation and musculoskeletal rehabilitation whilst completing his degree at the University of Queensland. He is passionate about working with ex-ADF members who have suffered a physical or emotional injury through their service.

Ryan strives to meet and oversee the progress of every client that is treated by the Physically Active team and provides a fresh perspective on rehabilitation and exercise physiology.

In his spare time Ryan enjoys watching and occasionally playing rugby; stand up paddle boarding; and anything that involves being outdoors. 

"By leading a physically active lifestyle, you will improve your quality of life."

"The way to get started is to quit talking & begin doing." - Walt Disney



B. Cli Ex Sci

Josh has a strong passion towards resistance and cardiovascular training and provides his patients with a solid base and knowledge towards rehabilitative exercise. Josh's personal interest in health and rehabilitation was built through personal experiences in rehabilitating his musculoskeletal injuries during younger years. 

Josh completed a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Science at the University of the Sunshine Coast, specialising in assisting patients with strength and conditioning, weight loss plans, pain management, and rehabilitation. Josh strives to help every patient set and achieve their goals through a combination of education on their conditions, as well as smart and stable exercise plans.

Outside of work Josh enjoys going to concerts; playing guitar; and hiking.

"I will be able to help you attain your goals through a strong base and broad knowledge."




B. ClinExPhysiology

Carissa completed her Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology at the Queensland University of Technology. She has experience as a fitness instructor anda broad knowledge of womens health issues gained from years of encouraging women to overcome their barriers and embrace a lifestyle that is healthy for both the body and mind. 

Carissa's own personal story of lifestyle modification and managing chronic illness helps her identify with the barriers faced by many people. She has a passion for helping people overcome difficulties and live life to the best of their abilities, all with a smile on their face. She finds it rewarding to work with returned servicemen and women, giving back to people that have given so much for us. Carissa embraces continual learning opportunities to further advance her skills specifically in the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular specialties. 

                                                                                              During her spare time Carissa enjoys going out for coffee, going to the beach, crochet, and gardening.

                                                                                              "The positive effects of exercise on both the body and mind are incredible."



B. ClinExPhysiology

Brad completed his Bachelor of of Clinical Exercise Physiology at the Queensland University of Technology. Brad knew this was the path for him after he completed his first gym session 12 years ago, and falling in love with exercise. He first began in the health and fitness industry helping people improve their fitness, lose weight, and increase strength. Since graduating he has amassed an extensive amount of experience working in a variety of settings from specialist weight loss clinics to high performance gyms, and physiotherapy clinics. This experience has allowed Brad to develop theoretical and practical knowledge well beyond that which was acquired from his degree. 

Brad gets a huge kick out of helping people in any way possible His special interests include weight loss,       pain management, diabetes, sports conditions, and Pilates. He is a big believer in the science behind              accurately prescribing exercise programs and how to specifically elicit the desired outcomes. 

                                                                                              In his own time he enjoys a wide range of physical activities including hockey, golf, running, and trying to lift                                                                                                  heavy weights.

                                                                                              "It's never too late to start exercising. There are always ways for the body to positively adapt to the right                                                                                                        program."

                                                                                              "Ask yourself where you are now, and where you want to be instead. Ask yourself what you're willing to do                                                                                                  to get there. Now make a plan and act on it." - Tim Grover




Conor completed his bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science as well his Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology at Southern Cross University. Conor has a passion for health and fitness and since a young age desired to pursue a career where he can help others improve both their physical and mental wellbeing through positive lifestyle changes. His specialities include weight loss, pain management and diabetes.

During his time as an Exercise Physiologist Conor has had experience working at a number of different clinics and gyms seeing a wide variety of different client types. He uses the theoretical and practical knowledge he has gathered from these experiences as well as the knowledge he gathered throughout his studies and applies it to the clients he is working with now to achieve the best possible positive health outcomes.

In his own time Conor enjoys going to the gym, playing basketball, surfing and hanging out with friends.

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B. App Sci (HMS) - Ex Sci

Daniel is a knowledgeable and passionate member of the Physically Active team. With years of experience dealing with the general population, athletes, and special-needs patients alike, Daniel's knowledge of resistance training, cardiovascular exercise and rehabilitation principles enables him to better improve the outcomes of his patients. 

Daniel completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement Studies majoring in Exercise Science, at the University of Queensland. From here, he took particular interest in strength and conditioning, nutrition, psychology, and the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal branches of rehabilitation. Combined with a passion for helping people, this unique combination of skills allows Daniel to help patients from all walks of life to                                                                                                       strive to be the best they can be. 

                                                                                              "At the end of the day, those who succeed are those who think they can."