Our exercise physiology services can be provided through various methods

One of our locations 

View our list of locations on the next tab to see where our closest location is to you. We are available Monday to Friday at most of our locations and can be available before and after work hours if required.

REAL Community (Online)

Do you work long hours or can't find a time that is suitable to see us in person? Maybe we don't offer our services where you live? Our online REAL Community might be a more appropriate method for you to achieve your lifestyle goals. Our REAL EATING ACTIVE LIVING Community has access to meal, supplementation, and exercise plans.  

Your location

If one of our locations aren't suitable, we can come to you. This may be at your home, work, or preferred facility. 

Visiting Sunshine Coast 

Are you holidaying on the Sunshine Coast and want to continue your exercise regime? We can liaise with your health professional and help you continue your physically active lifestyle whilst on holidays.